Can I order a custom medal hanger? Yes you can, we only stock our standard hangers on our website but if you would like to get a custom medal hanger made please go to the contact us and submit an enquiry with the details of what you would like.

Do you ship nationwide? Yes we ship to anywhere in New Zealand, costs may vary for different locations. 

How many medals do your medal hangers hold? As a guide, 1 row holds roughly 20 medals depending on the width of the ribbons. However they can easily be stacked on top of each other so it can fit as many as you can get on there.

What is the size of your medal hangers? Our standard sized medal hangers are 450x90mm - these are 2 rows. 

How long should it take for me to get my medal hanger? Depending on the particular order and location, you should have your hanger within 2 weeks of payment. 

What are the medal hangers made of and can I get it in different colours? All our medal hangers are made from 2mm brushed stainless steel. On special request we are able to powder coat the medal hangers black, please contact us should you want a powder coated medal hanger before placing your order. 

How do I attach my medal hanger to the wall? All our medal hangers come with the spacers and screws required to mount it to the wall. You only need to supply the screwdriver!!